Submitting Your Data For Review

When you are satisfied that the metadata is complete, click on the Submit for Review button on the top right of the page. The platform will display a summary of recent changes to your submission.
Next, you are asked to propose which audience will be able to view your submission after review. Select a visibility level for your submission: public or private. Select Private to propose that only the data owner and individual collaborators should view your submission. Select Public to propose that the general public will be able to access your submission after review.
Select Submit for Review to register this proposal. You will receive a notice that your data are being processed and will be submitted for review. This triggers a message to the Data Services team that the metadata for the data asset is ready for Administrator review. You can then choose between going to the Primer Page (the page that will be displayed when a visitor to the catalog clicks on the entry for this data asset) or entering information about a dataset.
During the Administrator review process, we will ask these questions:
  • Can the files be opened?
  • Did the submitter provide at least one version of dataset files in a non-proprietary, machine-readable format?
  • Are the file formats suitable for long-term preservation of data files?
  • Is the submission accompanied by accurate and complete metadata descriptions?
  • Did the submitter provide indexing keywords?
  • Did the submitter provide codebooks?
  • Are there missing variables?
  • Does the submitter have the rights to share the data via the DDL?
  • Is this data subject to an embargo? If so, on what date can the embargo be lifted?
  • Does the data contain any personally identifiable information? Or, more specifically, does the data contain direct identifiers?
  • Does the data contain any other confidential/restricted information?
  • Did the submitter provide sufficient information about the risks and value the data might present?
If we determine that any information is missing or requires additional processing before we can accept the submission, we will get in touch with you to request the missing or updated information. If all the needed information is present, we will prepare an archival package of the accepted, original submission to facilitate preservation.
After preparing the archival package, we will ask the Operating Unit of Origin to determine if your submission is an appropriate candidate for public release. If the submission is designated appropriate for public use, we will initiate the Clearance Process. Otherwise, the submission will be maintained at the restricted or non-public access level.