Data Leadership at USAID

Brandon Pustejovsky, Chief Data Officer
Brandon Pustejovsky is the Chief Data Officer at USAID.  He leads the USAID Data Services team within the Office of the Chief Information Officer, providing a broad portfolio of data analytics, visualization, and digital curation services to USAID staff and partners worldwide.
Mr. Pustejovsky has been leading international development and humanitarian assistance operations for over 15 years, in cooperation with organizations such as UNHCR, the International Red Cross, the World Food Programme, and multiple non-profits. His experience spans six continents and over 50 countries.
Prior to working at USAID, he spent several years establishing humanitarian assistance operations in post-conflict and post-disaster environments. His exposure to these unstructured settings gave him a growing appreciation for the role of evidence and data in providing clarity of purpose and programmatic direction.
Mr. Pustejovsky holds a master's degree in international relations from Yale University and a bachelor's degree in foreign service and French from Baylor University.
Joshua Kaufman, Acting Agency Evaluation Officer
Joshua Kaufman serves as the Acting Director of the Center for Agency Integration, and Director of the Office of Evaluation and Impact Assessment in USAID’s Global Development Lab. Prior to joining the Lab, Mr. Kaufman served as Deputy Director of the Agency’s Office of Innovation and Development Alliances.
After joining USAID in 1996, Mr. Kaufman worked for many years in the Agency’s Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Government and served in several leadership roles, including as the head of the information unit, team leader for global and regional policy, and division chief for strategic planning and research.
From 2011 to 2013, Mr. Kaufman served as co-chair of USAID’s policy task team for democracy, human rights and governance (DRG), and led efforts to craft the Agency’s first global strategy for DRG in 19 years.
Mr. Kaufman has a master’s degree in international affairs from The George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in politics and peace and conflict studies from Brandeis University.
Megan Asdorian, Statistical Official
Megan Asdorian serves as USAID’s Statistical Official as well as a Senior Advisor in the Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning. Megan has worked on a number of different Agency initiatives including the Agency’s Transformation. 

Ms. Asdorian has spent the last ten years focusing on foreign assistance initiatives, including work with USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Department of State both domestically and overseas, including Afghanistan, El Salvador, Philippines, U.A.E., and as a Bangkok-based Regional Director covering Southeast Asia. In this capacity, she has worked to address development challenges in the areas of economic development, private sector strengthening, anti-corruption, customs reform and modernization, and energy, and infrastructure, among others.   

She has 20 years of experience with top management consulting firms specializing in federal government policy and strategy development. Ms. Asdorian’s experience with a broad range of U.S. Departments and Agencies has informed her approach to evidence-based strategy and program implementation. 

Ms. Asdorian holds a master’s in business administration degree from The George Washington University with concentrations in international business, finance, and strategic management and public policy as well as a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.