Creating an Account

For a video explanation on this topic, see our video on how to Register or Submit Data.
The Development Data Library (DDL) offers free, open access to data that are publicly available. The DDL does not require that users create an account.  Rather, it enables users to create an account based on their use of the repository.
The DDL offers several account types to users:
  • No Account – for the General Public to browse, search, view, and download publicly available data
  • General Account – for the General Public to browse, search, view and download publicly available data and to maintain a profile with saved views and visualizations
  • Partner Account – for members of implementing partner organizations with active USAID awards, allowing them to submit project and active datasets
  • USAID Staff Account – for employees of USAID to help manage the submission of project and active datasets
To create a General Account on the DDL, follow these simple instructions:
1. Click on “Sign In” (top right on your screen)
2. On the Sign In page, click on the “Sign In with Socrata ID” button
3. On the Sign In credentials page, locate the Sign Up hyperlink at the bottom of the page. Click on Sign Up.
4. Create a new Socrata ID (complete the form)
To create a Partner Account on the DDL, follow these additional instructions:
1. Select Register or Submit Data from the DDL homepage. On the resulting screen, select User Registration.
2. Next, select Partner Account to be taken to the form to request data submission rights on the platform.
This form asks for information about you, the implementing partner organization submitting the data, and the partner organization’s relationship with USAID. Fill out this form completely—the Data Services team will use this information in an email to the project award AOR/COR. This email requests a response from the AOR/COR within five working days to verify that the individual requesting an account to upload data is a verified partner.
In the event that a request for editor rights is denied, the partner should contact their AOR/COR and/or the program office directly. The user can request further clarification regarding appropriate rights and permissions for submitting data to the DDL.
3. If your account is designated a verified partner, the Data Services team will grant you an editor role. You will receive an email notification that your role on the DDL has changed. Be sure to check your email account spam folder if you do not see the notification in your inbox. Once you have been given an editor role you can submit data to the platform immediately.
You can also learn more about user roles in the DDL.