Creating a Dataset "Download" Button
(for very large datasets)

In cases where your dataset contains 500 or more columns, the platform will not ingest it onto the website. In this case, you may simply attach the large dataset under “Other Reference Materials” in the metadata. Alternatively, you may create a download button. (This option is also especially useful for large ZIP files). The steps are below.
  • First, create a new dataset by finding the Create drop-down arrow at the top of the DDL screen and choosing “Dataset.” Give your data new dataset an appropriate title.
  • Click “Add Data.”
  • Browse for a non-parseable file to upload (i.e., a file that does not match the descriptions in the paragraph indicated by the red arrow in the image above). NOTE: A simple image file (i.e. one with the suffix .jpg or .png) is suitable.  Click "Done."
  • Go to “Edit Dataset Metadata,” complete all required fields, click “Complete metadata.” 
  • Associate the dataset with your Data Asset as usual, and click “Submit for Review.”  Finish publishing your draft to the DDL.  Selecting "Private" is ok, for now.
  • Click “Submit for Approval” select "Private" and then  “Go to Primer.”
Now you must edit the dataset (Note: If you selected "Public" instead of "Private" in the step above,  you will have to withdraw the approval request after clicking “Edit” in the next step). 
  • Click "Edit."
  • Replace the dummy file with the non-ingestible data you want by choosing “Replace File.” Then click "Done."
  • Submit for Review again and Go to Primer.  
Your dataset will now be accessible via a “Download” button!